Clint MillerClint Miller

Pastor Clint Miller loves the Lord, loves music and loves to record.

I’ve done several records with him and always had a great time and he and his family band always did a great job.

“Glory Train Roll On” is a live rough mix. One day I called Clint and asked him when we were going to resume working on the track, and he says,” oh, it’s already released”…huh? Oh yeah, he loved the live feel and imperfect balance on the mix and just put it out..

It rose up some chart or another, and his audience loved it.

Clint wrote “I love This Country” shortly after 9-11 and we recorded it live and added a little sax and he released it to a grieving nation…

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Track 01. "Glory Train Roll On"
Track 02. "I Love This Country"