Rod Salaysay - Warms The Heart, Heals The Soul; Produced by Chris CampRod Salaysay

Warms The Heart, Heals The Soul

My most recent production for Windmar Music in Vista, California is the debut album by a genuinely talented singer / songwriter who reports to work each day at the Scripps, La Jolla Intensive Care Unit, Mr. Rod Salaysay.


Donn BreeDonn Bree - A Quiet Mind

A Quiet Mind

Singer/songwriter Donn Bree has chronicled his life experiences and set them to music.

In the spring of 2010 he graced my studio in the evenings for several sessions to record an album of his songs, and some of his favorite songs by other songwriters whom he admires.


The Pheromones - Good for YouThe Pheromones

Good For You

San Diego based band leader/lead guitarist, songwriter, Jeff Irwin brought his rockin’ band the Pheromones in to record their first LP in 2008/09. Lead singer Jesse Ray turned in some great vocal performances, and Jeff and his section were smokin’, and I don’t mean reefer…


Chuck Cashmere

I’ve Engineered two projects for veteran of the Hollywood music and acting scene, baritone voiced, singer/songwriter Chuck Cashmere.

Chuck Cashmere - SongChuck Cashmere - Duty, Honor, Country

Chuck’s album Song archives his material from his days in Hollywood with Legend Ray Doggett to newer, almost comic material such as his song “Gators”.

Chuck does a great job of tugging at your emotions on his song “Everytime Blues” and he gave me the honor of playing a little harmonica and nylon string guitar on this selection.


Windmar Allstars - God is in My HeartWindmar Allstars

Producer, Songwriter, and Grandmother to seven Peg Windrum wrote this collection of short, fun, encouraging songs to teach her grandchildren about the Lord.

She deliberately made the music sound contemporary and enlisted the help of the top notch rhythm section, The Running Kind to rev it up! Her grandchildren provide the children’s chorus, and talented vocalist and educator Marie Osborne sings lead.


Ben Powell - Not Home Yet Vol. 1Ben Powell

Not Home Yet – Vol. 1






The Wild Cards - Heads Up Final TableThe Wild Cards

Heads Up – Final Table

Super talented songwriter, arranger, producer Peggy Windrum wrote two terrific songs for her poker playin’ husband Wil Windrum all about playing the game he loves.


Dan Green

Dan Green is a talented songwriter. He loves to write about love and outdoor life. A balladeer with an Irish heartbeat.

In 2001 we got together to record In My Dreams, filled with lots of heart ache, a tribute song to renouned horseman Pete Spates, and a wild ride with the upbeat cut, “She’s A Roller Coaster Ride”, featuring Harp Master Jasper Austin.

Dan Green - In My Dreams

Dan Green - Up Close & Personal


We got back together four years later in 2005 to do Up Close & Personal.  Dan wrote some terrific songs, including the historical chronicle, “An Irish-American Saga, and “Girls In Cowboy Hats”, which should be a rodeo/country classic if it isn’t already. That’s Kevin Ryan on steel.


Los Trio La Tapatia

Louie, Manny, and Tito: Lost Trio La Tapatia…Guitar, Requinto, and Maracas. Beautiful songs, traditional harmony and the unmistakable feeling and atmosphere of Mexican Trio music.

Mani & Louie


Ken Graydon - The Way I Heard It...Ken Graydon

The Way I Heard It

Ken Graydon is a treasure. The genuine article. His voice, his writing, his insights, and his mere presence are as connected to the history of the American Southwest as Canyons & Cactus.

On The Way I Heard It Ken spins yarns and stories about colorful characters, real life experiences, and historical facts about the ways of the west.


Sharron Cordaro - Songs for the EarthSharron Cordaro

Songs For The Earth

Retired school teacher/educator Sharron Cordaro is lover of mother earth and a Vegan activist.

She wrote “I’m a Vegetarian” and “Comfortable” to help teach everyone about the benefits of a life-style in harmony with the natural world.


Clint MillerClint Miller

Pastor Clint Miller loves the Lord, loves music and loves to record.

I’ve done several records with him and always had a great time and he and his family band always did a great job.

“Glory Train Roll On” is a live rough mix. One day I called Clint and asked him when we were going to resume working on the track, and he says,” oh, it’s already released”…huh? Oh yeah, he loved the live feel and imperfect balance on the mix and just put it out..

It rose up some chart or another, and his audience loved it.


Sasha & Borya

The short-winded story:


Sasha & Borya Live in San Diego

Sasha plays “Balalaika”, if you’re unfamiliar with this traditional Russian fretted stringed instrument, it’s shocking. Three strings; two of them nylon, tuned to the same pitch. A third string, steel, kinda the melody string, and the nylon strings are like the accompaniment side. Oh and by the way, he plays with his thumb, trills and all…

Borya plays the “button accordion”, no keys, just lined with buttons on both sides of the instrument, and they all look the same….at least to me….

Now you should know these recordings are live, no overdubs or edits. We cut twenty some odd sides in an afternoon,,,all real playing, real music, real talent.!!!

How’d they get so good?

Together on board ship in the Russian Navy, and conservatory trained as students. These guys shred… and the depth of their skill and emotional performing makes these recordings a joy to listen to over and over again…

How in the world did you connect with these guys Chris?


Gary McMahan

Without a doubt, Gary McMahan is one of the greatest living cowboy songwriters, poets and yodelers. Legendary Canadian singer, songwriter Ian Tyson calls Gary the “Bob Dylan” of Cowboy Music. There is no one in Western Music more insightful and humorous..!

Gary McMahan - Saddle 'em up and GoGary McMahan - A Cowboyin' Day

I’ve had the honor of producing, engineering and playing on two of Gary’s many albums, Saddle ‘Em Up & Go, and the award winning A Cowboyin’ Day.


The Drmls

In concert with THE DRMLSThe “Eighties” was an exciting time in Nashville, Tennessee. It was a hot bed of new music. The Drmls were the most cutting edge band in town. They claimed to have come from a far off galaxy called, Drmula and their mission on earth was to spread a message of one world, one future, all mankind. They wrote and recorded over thirty songs, many of which were never released.