The Pheromones - Good for YouThe Pheromones

Good For You

San Diego based band leader/lead guitarist, songwriter, Jeff Irwin brought his rockin’ band the Pheromones in to record their first LP in 2008/09. Lead singer Jesse Ray turned in some great vocal performances, and Jeff and his section were smokin’, and I don’t mean reefer…

The band was joined by several terrific SoCal studio aces such as Archie Thompson the band leader and super sax man, and several members of the Runnin’ Kind, Ian Francisco on B3 and Rick Kurianski on drums.

This was a great project; real playing and singing and the sound a feel of a young modern rock band. Many different root oriented influences here. These guys have a lot to be proud of.

Now Jesse Ray is back up in the Bay area where he’s likely to be rockin’ the house, and Jeff has a new act, The Tilt band who are kickin’ it in the Bars & Nightclubs up and down the coast.

Take a listen to Way Down…

Track 01. "Way Down"