Chris Camp - Luthier

I’ve been located in Escondido for over twenty years now. I’ve had the pleasure and the privilege of establishing a wonderful business with a diverse selection of musicians from all different styles of music. Shortly after establishing my shop, I called an old aquaintance of mine at the Martin Guitar Co., Mr. Mike Longworth who was head of customer service at the time, and I asked him if he would consider me as a C.F. Martin warranty station, as I loved their guitars, their history and their family tradition. Mike recalled that I had cut my teeth on repair work at the Pickin’ Parlor in Nashville and was excited that I had contacted him. Within six months we were offered the Warranty Service Certification. I’m proud to include that level of legitimacy and service for our customers and we have had the privilege of working on literally hundreds of C.F. Martin guitars here in Southern California.