The Drmls

In concert with THE DRMLSThe “Eighties” was an exciting time in Nashville, Tennessee. It was a hot bed of new music. The Drmls were the most cutting edge band in town. They claimed to have come from a far off galaxy called, Drmula and their mission on earth was to spread a message of one world, one future, all mankind. They wrote and recorded over thirty songs, many of which were never released.

The Drmls 4-EverI put together Drmls 4-Ever from several different recording sessions between 1980 when the band first formed, (through the formative years with the original line up of members to 1983-84 when the personal changed and so did the sound and direction of the band. These early recordings, some of which are live in the studio with no overdubs, such as “When You’re On the Outside, Lookin’ In”, (with myself singing lead), recorded at the Sound Shop around 1981. And, “Love Can’t Wait” which was tracked in the big room at the famous RCA studio a year later, and features a great lead vocal by Clovis Hitson, some overdubs & a mix by legendary Engineer/Producer Chuck Ainley at the Sound Stage studios with Conway Twitty sleeping on the couch down the hall.

Track 01. When You're On The Outside Lookin' In
Track 02. Love Can't Wait

Later this year will host the entire catalog along with photos and video to enjoy and laugh at.. I’m very proud to have worked with all the talented members of the Drmls and hope they’ll find joy in their work as well…