Camp Music - About Chris Camp - Consultant

Benchside Consultations

I love working with people, listening to their concerns and striving to exceed their expectations in solving the problems they have with their instruments. I understand that for many folks their instrument has “member of the family” status and I respect that they trust me with their loved one when in need of maintenance or restoration.

Since I too love to sing and play, I handle each instrument as though it were mine and I always setup and adjust my clients’ instruments as though I were preparing it for professional studio use – producing great tone, intonating properly and playing with ease and comfort.

Many of my established clients call on me for advice and opinions regarding instruments they are interested in purchasing and I want them to feel as though they have their own “musical instrument mechanic” to consult with.

Thank you to all my wonderful music makin’ customers and welcome to any new folks who give us a chance to serve and earn your business.

Chris Camp