Camp Music - Recording Services - Artists - Gary Daugherty

Here are some of the wonderful recording artists we’ve had the pleasure of working with over the last ten years. ¬†Many of these artists are based here in San Diego. ¬†They represent a broad range of musical styles and moods. Be sure to visit their websites for more music and information regarding their artistry & activities.

  • The Classics (classic rock & roll)
  • Gary McMahan (yodelin’ cowboy artist)
  • Sharron Cordaro (vegan lifestyle activist)
  • Ken Graydon (story teller & western folk singer)
  • Sasha & Borya (traditional Russian folk artists)
  • Dan Green (romantic balladeer)
  • Los Trios La Tapitia (mexican guitar & requinto)
  • Chapter 13 (hard edged rock & roll)
  • Clint Miller (country/gospel)
  • Gary Daugherty (classical guitarist)