Camp Music - Fretted Instrument Repair and Restoration - Neck Reset

Neck Reset

The neck is removed from the body, the Dovetail, or Mortise & Tenon joint is carefully cleaned of old glue and re-cut and re profiled along with the heel of the neck to increase the pitch of the neck as it joins the body to reposition the neck and thus restore the adjustability of the string action at the bridge. In this picture, the neck is in clamps during the re-gluing stage. Properly performed a neck reset will not normally need to be done more than once during the time you own your guitar.  I’ve been doing them for over twenty years, and rarely have I seen the need to perform a neck reset a second time, although there have been occasions where we had to unset a neck that had been “over-set” by an “over-zealous” Luthier or inexperienced repair person.