Camp Music - Recording Services - Studio Overview

Studio Overview

Our studio is equipped with both analog and digital multi-track recording gear. We have a good selection of microphones and tube pre-amps, a comfortable and spacious control room, cutting room and overdubbing booth, varous percussion and keyboard intsruments, a great selection of guitars and tube amps, a Hammond B3 with Leslie, and lots of other great stuff.

The studio is a totally healthy, smoke-free environment, has great lighting , a kitchenette and food services, and private parking with easy load in and out.

The studio and recording philosophy at Camp Music is a simple one: The goal and the fun in recording is the “capturing of a memorable performance”!

We pride ourselves on providing the technical, creative, and emotional tools our clients use to enable them to perform at their best, while we capture those performances with our technical and artistic best.

In our first nine years of operation we’ve hosted productions, from tracking, through-mixing, editing and mastering for a diverse roster of fine singers, musicians, cowboy poets, voice-over artists, rockers, country pickers, bluegrass maniacs, hard-rockers, soft voiced folk singers, radio broadcasts, video shoots, late night magic moments, cute chicks with no talent whose parents or boyfriends think they’ll be big stars…